Abe unveils Y28 tril economic stimulus package


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This is utter madness.

It's almost like the Japanese are committing collective fiscal suicide.


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13 trillion yen

Japan space programme: bumper-to-bumper cement trucks reach Mars, pave road.

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That's how much each ore that your children are going to be in debt? And their children when they are born? And I guarantee it won't be but a few months before calls for tax increases because, "we don't have the money for social programs!" Big Construction must be salivating!

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Oh well! That is just a little bit less that you and your children will get for your pensions later, and a little bit more you and they will probably have to pay for the premiums from now.

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giving few details except to say it would include about 13 trillion yen in fiscal measures including government spending

Woo! Hoo! New cars and trips overseas for the politicians and bugger all for the minions.

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Abe-san, what a legend in his own lunchbox. More money for his buddies, they must be laughing like the fat cats they truly are. An absolute disgrace....

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So yet ANOTHER repeat of the same failed "stimulation" formula.

Isn´t one definition of insanity to try the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result?

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He could literally have given every worker in the country two years' wages to spend, and it would have been cheaper than this shameless boondoggle and had significantly more tangible results.

28 trillion would also have gone some way towards fixing the pension mess, or giving a university education to a generation who could have then gone gratefully to work for Japan without the anxiety of crushing debt.

But no. Few details? Let me guess - a whole bunch of concrete?

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My shoulder pain is further aggravated by this additional public debt burden.

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What's "pork-a-palooza" in Japanese?

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This is beyond insane! Like I said somewhere else at least give me & other PEOPLE say Y20,000,000 we will shore up our financial positions enough we can spend some, how about abe...........thought not, IDIOT!

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Future generations of Japanese citizens are going to be born into indentured servitude - but, seeing as that's how the aristocrats in the Abe cabal view the hoi polloi anyway, no problem. Deny them rights, and work them until they drop. It worked for Japan during WWII, and we all know from history that Japanese imbued with the correct patriotic spirit are capable of great feats...

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The move is a response to Britain’s vote last month to quit the European Union.

Really? What was the last excuse? What will be the next excuse? Britain made the biggest decision of a generation, and despite the doomsayers, the economy is stable and dare I say looking positive. J gov on the other hand hasn't had any real plans in years, except trying to dig itself out of ever deepening sh!t, which fails every time.

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Abe's stimu-loss is literally 5% of his goal GDP for 2020. How pathetic that even with a 5% boost, they won't get there, let alone the problems from the debt itself?

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AussieboyJUL. 27, 2016 - 04:05PM JST

Abe-san, what a legend in his own lunchbox. More money for his buddies, they must be laughing like the fat cats they truly are.

Abe as well, look at that smug grin all over his stupid face in that photo.

Abe confirmed the new plan Wednesday but gave few details, except to say about half the total would be fiscal measures including government spending.

"Few details"? Why so coy? "Fiscal measures including government spending"? Is it me, or does that sound like a euphemism for something? What could he possibly be so reluctant to disclose?

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266 billion USD for 127 million people is about 2000USD per head. About 4000USD per worker.

(too many zeros to calculate with yen)

Some of this will be double counting stuff already in the works. Repairing Kumamoto Castle alone is expected to cost over 300 million USD.

Rather than the amount, what matters I guess is that Japan hasn't got it. For alternative ways of spending the money, 2000USD per head is in "just hand it out" territory. The pension problem will dwarf this sum.

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Abe unveils Y28 tril economic stimulus package

Unveils. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Like, what on earth could he be up to? Surprise! Another stimulus package!!

Ha ha ah ha aha hahaha hahaa.

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If anyone had the idea that, after paying year after year for a pension, they were going to get anything, they'd better think again. Abe is driving the ship deep into the watery depths of Davy Jones' locker.

Pity only he and his ultra right wing friends are the only ones with lifeboats.

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Start up those printing presses Kuroda san...

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When you talk to young Japanese these days about the future, they look at you and say "ashita?"

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This is insane

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Ian DuncanJUL. 27, 2016 - 10:27PM JST

He could literally have given every worker in the country two years' wages to spend, and it would have been cheaper than this shameless boondoggle and had significantly more tangible results.

Ah, but not every worker in the county voted for or gave money to the LDP. The only tangible results they're interested in are election results.

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I think it's wonderful. Some of us here need this package but the majority here think it's madness. so we have the argument of the thin red line , if one person disagrees, the majority want ......... very very sad.

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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Wait! Wait! I think I hear some helicopters overhead!

It IS! It's Ben Burnanke!

Everything's JUST gonna be fine from now on. I promise!

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Agree with Mr Abe economics its all for the future benifit of nihon and its people ! So the idea for today is--NINTAI ! M

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A sticking plaster, monetarily speaking, to douse a open wound to the neck of Abenomics economic third arrow failure. I could huff and puff but what is the point?

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"Abe’s Abenomics plan to kickstart the world’s number three economy..."

At the rate Abe devalued the Yen with repeated quantitative easy, Japan will soon be overtaken by her ally India within ten years. Instead of Abenomics which goes nowhere, it is better to take advantage of cheap labor from say India to keep Japan's economy strong. This is the Real Third Arrow he should fire. Singapore is a fine example where cheap foreign labor helps keep her economy vibrant. So Abe should use her ally India to avoid being overtaken by her in less than a decade. Once Japan lose her 'bronze' position, she will be classified as second tier, so watch the Indians nipping at Japan's heels!

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What many Japanese don't realise is Abenomics is only a temporary high. After a little bump in the economy with the stimulus money, back to moribund economy again. Corporate Japan will be winners, making money with nowhere to invest with good returns. Meanwhile pensioners will see their purchasing power eroded. I think may Japanese women may have sense this problem and thus refuse to make more babies.

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Yeah, I'm going to liquidate the tax base and give all the money to corporations. The people clearly don't need it and giving the money to them would only allow them to pay off their debts, thus paying off the same corporations. I want the companies to be paid twice. That way my friends will received the biggest bonuses and then that will allow me to stay in power longer. Elections are for suckers. By paying off companies directly that way I can keep emptying the purse. It's all good. Forget the future, all that matters is selling out now as fast as humanly possible. That way any means to the nation's disposal for security and safety will be completely gone, allowing fear to rise. That's the only way for the Great Imperium to return, if everything else is gone. Excuse me, I'm off to Yasukuni

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Wow $266 billion is a lot of waist.

I would start self funding departments, that hand each state savings of billions of dollars, that all goes to employing people.

If a department spends $400 million pa in budget cost, it get's given $10 billion dollars in a safe interest fund, that will make it $650 million pa. You spend the $400 million but save back up the extra $250 million pa. It's that $250 million interest put back in making interest interest, that pays for a 35% budget rise every 10 years, or $15 million dollar rise pa. Self funded for life no more rising cost with pop growth.

Now we have not only stopped a rise in future taxes from stopping funding needed in the future "self funded for life" but we have saved $22 billion dollars that will go to jobs.

So with this $266 billion dollars, they can self fund gov departments and even the publics cost of living like water bills.

At $22 billion dollars of budget savings, they can now employ 1.2 - 1.5 million people. That will see $20 billion dollars extra pumped in the economy, and will create mass more jobs + stop a rise is departments funding.

I have no idea how many stimulus Japan has already done, but AU has spent $500 billion and would of make mass millions of jobs why doing the above to every budget.

Japan needs to self fund state department's and public cost. This will show good outlook and cerate something like 2 million jobs.

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Cosmos1JUL. 28, 2016 - 12:50AM JST

I think it's wonderful. Some of us here need this package...

Why do you need it? Isn't it better to be self-sufficient than to rely on government hand-outs?

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