'Abenomics' boosts returns at Japan's huge public pension fund

By Chikafumi Hodo

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Big gains always happen before a big fall, since winning makes your tolerance for risk a lot higher.

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I remember when the Liberal Democratic Party saw how much money had piled up in the Social Security system: They said something like, WOW, look at all that money! Then they went and used it on their pet projects and on filling their pockets. Hope they don't look at the bulging pension fund highlighted in the above article and say ... WOW ... look at all that money!

Somebody's gotta keep a close watch on these LDP guys ... hope they aren't getting itchy fingers again.

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Japans public pension fund, the worlds largest, recorded investment gains of $56 billion in October-December..

October through December. Okay. Got it.

The funds performance was helped largely by Prime Minister Shinzo Abes aggressive reflationary fiscal and monetary policies...

His policies from October through the end of December? Really? The election wasn't until 16 December, and Abe didn't assume office until 26 December 2012. So.. "Abenomics" is capable of time travel? Or did he do it all in during the 2-1/2 business days remaining in 2012 when he took office?

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Good point Teleplayer. But I guess it should be written as "anticipation" of Abe's policies, as Abe was seen was the election winner from around October, we can assume. The asset purchasing doesn't even start til 2014, for chrisakes.

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"Abenomics" is capable of time travel? Or did he do it all in during the 2-1/2 business days remaining in 2012 when he took office?

"Abe-nomics is a comical word and as mentioned by you it has nothing to do with "this" article.

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Fund up 5.11% in yen. Yen down 15%. This is the kind of gain you can expect from Abenomics, if it is a gain.

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Abenomics will be the poster child for the expression "What goes up must come down". Tune back in in 18 months.

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I wish I could read the economic news without being subjected to another sentence about "Abenomics". I had not realized the man had acquired superhuman powers during his time away from office. "Lifts economies with only one hand -- it's Super Abe!"

Give me a break.

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Public pension fund needs 20% returns every year just to stay afloat, and that's assuming all the people who started working in the last five years won't see a penny come back into their hands. Public pension is broken, far too many old rich people getting money that could be used to keep the pension for those that need it. Want 4% improvement in a month, every month? Weed out the people making more than 3 million yen from getting a single penny more in public pension money.

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Those gains will soon disappear when Mudanomics causes bond prices to plummet.

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