Ad giant Dentsu buys British firm Aegis


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@gogogo.... yes. I have worked with them... All major ad agencies outsource some of their production to smaller companies.

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And Britain sells of another money earner... Why keep a regular income when you can sell everything off for the now...

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@Ramzel: Ever worked for them? They outsource everything, they are just a media buyer.

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@gogogo: Whilst Dentsu controls all media buying in Japan, they are an actual major player in the advertising world...

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Foolish behavior will be paid with failure.

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LoL, maybe the crap commercials in Japan with hollywood stars will be broadcast in Europe too!

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Indeed, we will now see UK television flooded with inane Jpaanese ads with cute young girls, squeaky voices, more direct marketing, captions in garish colours saying exactly what the "actors" are saying at the same time etc.

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Detsu is just a media buyer I don't see their business working outside of Japan.

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Ha! Now England will be flooded by AKB48 advertising everything, from soap to cars.

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