Advertisements draw flak in China over Asian stereotypes


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Look, Chinese advertisements are among the most racist against white people as well, but hey, why complain about that?

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Don't they just love to gripe about everything.

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A bit rich coming from a country that made blatantly racist TV commercials to sell washing machines a few years ago.

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Elephant in the room?

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Asians often portray themselves with unrealistically huge saucer-shaped eyes, so what's the big deal about this?

showing an Asian model with freckles and very dark makeup

I often seen Asians with freckles and dark makeup. Again, get a life.

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Far out. Don't they have mirrors in China?

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Don’t people in China have freckles?

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NOTHING wrong with "slanted eyes” just as beautiful as any other type, the problem is some people are too ignorant to see the beauty in them.

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In the US the new stereotype in ads is a young black male and a young blonde woman.

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In the US the new stereotype in ads is a young black male and a young blonde woman.

Corporate material showing a group of office workers often shows a young black male and young asian female.

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Basically, if you don't want to offend Chinese people, don't look Chinese? I am confused.

I guess that what they are getting at is that only a portion of Chinese have a single eyelids and many have double eyelids, but advertising disproportionately shows those with single eyelids because it emphasizes the "Asian look".

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local snack brand Three Squirrels featured advertisements for noodle products

Not sure whether I'd want to eat instant noodles called Three Squirrels.

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I think the model herself had the best response and beauty can be found everywhere and in all shapes, sizes and colors. The beauty of the world.

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Western company: Picks a Chinese model for its ads in China.

Chinese "netizens": That's racist!

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Maybe the Chinese aren't grown up enough yet to be Netizens.

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They complain about someone’s natural eyes doing their job. The Chinese would complain if the models got operations to make their eyes bigger. Chinese politics, nationalism, isn’t going to endear you to anyone.

actually I’ve already tried to stop buying stuff made in China. Sadly it does take some time to check the labels.

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The women is a naturally smaller eyed Chinese girl.

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“As a professional model, what I need to do is be photographed accordingly to what the client wants, I don’t know how this became about me humiliating the Chinese people,” she said.


Neither do I…

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