AirAsia Japan cancels hundreds of flights


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"ANA however said the venture dissolved because it was not well known in Japan and could not register profits."

This is a reason why NOT to START a venture!!!

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This article is confusing. So they are completely leaving Japan?

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The airline business in Japan essentially remains a government-protected, privileged monopoly for transporting the affluent to their deluxe destinations, and everybody else can take a walk.

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"privileged monopolies" , one of the very successful Japanese business model . Why would ANA want a cheaper competitor ? I suspect ANA has done what is necessary to show that budget airlines have no future in Japan and it worked.

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I hope those sexy cabin-girls get a gig somewhere else - I want to see them on my next flight!

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Without the "Push" from ANA as far as Advertising this new venture they'll take a nice writeoff & add to their own buisness-What a way to fly!

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"This article is confusing. So they are completely leaving Japan?"

Here's what I think: The airline was a money loser, the Japanese routes weren't profitable and the owners didn't see eye to eye on how to operate.

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FANTASTIC !; I want to buy one of those Uniforms for my NEXT Girl Friend !!! :O

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That is how all flight attendants should greet passengers!

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So does this mean that ANA will eventually do the same with Peach (ANA & First Eastern Investment Group out of Hong Kong partnership) and then fold everything into one Low Cost Carrier (LCC)? It would make sense to be in complete control of your own LCC to feed your mainline routes, yes?

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They partnered with the company that would be their direct competitor. Doesn't sound too smart.

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worried but smiling!

Hope they get a good break soon!

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The problem is Air Asia seems to be a shareholder led company, and these kind of short term gain shareholder led companies are not a sustainable model. Air Asia will probably not be used ever again by Japanese.

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