Airbnb raises $555 mil to grow globally


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Yeah,except Japan! Any great idea that comes out and is introduced into Japan is doomed (^^^ked).

Always wary of foreigners, and the spy on every street will dob on you for putting just a tiny bit of wrong rubbish out on the wrong day and time. Then deliver it back to you. The owner of the property sent to Coventry and finally succumbs to the pressure from within.

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More of this drivel shared economy ruining the world. Great if people played fair but the only way these companies succeed is by working above the laws of established businesses. Weakling Boomers let it happen so every standard just gets driven downwards

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Wow, so much money for a simple middle man business that can be easily cut out of the loop. Guests may be happy to pay AirBnB commissions while it's trendy, but all it takes is another travel agent site to come along with lower commissions to take users away. Hotels are currently listed on multiple sites, and I can't think of a reason why minpaku style accommodation won't be either. Unlike Uber or Amazon, there is no special knowledge or infrastructure or logistics at work here. AirBnB is simply a portal-style travel agent that has a big template for accommodation providers to use. Even something as simple as a data hack could cost them a huge chunk of business.

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Airbnb is a success because they do what they do really well. Their site is excellent, their apps are excellent, and they provide a sort of insurance to both renters and owners.

It's easy to say someone could come along and undercut them, but that's true of pretty much any business. But it's pretty unlikely. They already have such a big market share it would be hard for someone to take more than a small chunk of it.

I'm not actually an Airbnb fan - I prefer hotels. But I respect their business plan. It's strong.

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the money will be so they can diversify, as more and more cities and countries are banning airbnb's use. I recently had a reservation cancelled after the host was raided by city officials where airbnb operate illegally - and don't care.

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Airbnb, my next 10 bagger

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