Airlines' fuel practices feed doubts over climate commitment

By Sonia WOLF

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Motorists do it too, by filling their tank to the top rather than just putting in a few litres every time the low fuel light comes on.

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Airlines would be better off doing what’s in their best interest instead of kowtowing to the global warming hoax.

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Yeah except the weight of fuel accounts for a large fraction, up to 1/4 (25%) of the total weight of the fully fueled plane.

My car weighs 1900kg with a 80 liter gas tank. 80 liters weighs about 57 kilos. This would mean about .3% of the total weight of the car. in other words, no, it’s not the same.

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Sorry typo 3.0%

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Airlines would be better off doing what’s in their best interest instead of kowtowing to the global warming hoax.


If hypocrites like Richard Branson really feel that much guilt about the CO2 emissions Virgin produces, why doesn't he just get out of the airline business and stop flying himself? After all, he's just contributing to the problem as he sees it.

I'd take the AGW scare far more seriously if the alarmists practiced what they preach.

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The airlines won't do do anything so countries need to charge additional taxes when they load up on cheap fuel.

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Who cares.

I live in the sliver of human history where you can get to the other side of the planet in less than a day, for a few days' pay. I don't care if it hurts the environment.

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Airlines have no climate commitment.

Everyone feeling the pinch in any way is in a "highly competitive" environment, not just the air travel industry. I pay taxes on the fuel I use to drive my kids to their activities. Ambulances and fire engines pay tax on fuel too. These are more noble uses of fuel that someone taking a plane somewhere to buy a 30% cheaper handbag and take selfies.

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What ? You mean, it's taken this long to see through the Sham ?

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