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Airlines face EU pollution bill from New Year


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What's tokyo's stand? legal action/retaliation or silent pass on to passengers?

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The "Carbon Tax/Credits" per si do not solve the problem of "climate Change" or air pollution. Companies simply buy the credits and pass it on -Times 2 or 3- to consumers. That is ONLY a way for some people to make millions from nothing. And to increase prices in everything. As an example, in Australia the prices of Electricity increased about 60% even before the tax started. If Governments are serious about avoiding pollution, they should simply legislate against it. Otherwise it is no more than a scam. Besides, is there a time frame for it to end?

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Wow. Just plain wow.

What next, "human CO2 emission tax"? Tax from breathing, burping and farting?

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I wonder if the effects are so easy to determine. One can hope this will also give incentive for carriers to purchase planes that pollute less and therefore force companies like Airbus and Boeing to spend more time and effort to product fuel efficient planes. I think EU is doing what they can, try to influence such a direction in the private sector through policy. The US and China being one of the worst polluters of the world really should be supporting this or at least be making suggestions on a more effective policy if they see issues with it.

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Another fine example of how s*** the EU is. At times when they are struggling economically instead of scaring away potential tourism and businesses they should be doing everything they can to promote Europe as a great place to come.

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I don't understand why America is complaining, after all they imposed a departure/arrival tax of $13.40 for international visitors. The only ones who have the right to complain are the Chinese.

Lol, to be technically correct, they should charge it from April to October for global warming and refund it from November to March just so it stops being cold.

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The EU is brilliant. American carriers should stop going there.

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I oppose this EU scam. lol

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that's showing a little initiative!

good on ya EU!

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@Elvensilvan - basically it already is a human CO2 emission tax, because as jackbello said, the cost simply gets passed on the humans to pay.

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@shawnth...The aircraft manufacturers, and engine manufacturers are constantly improving their products to be more fuel efficient and less polluting. This is demanded not by government regulations, but the airlines. The airlines know that the less fuel the use, the lower their operating costs. This has been happening since the 1970s. The newest aircraft, the 787, is between 10-20% more efficient and less polluting than the 767 and A330.

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The US government better not back down on this. If the EU won't scrap this, we need to apply reciprocal tariffs. Also...

“This is not a tax. It’s a market,” a commission official said.

I'd be amazed if he/she was able to say that with a straight face.

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Sorry, I didn't know that airplanes are now considered human.

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Yet another tax to be added to an airfare: Pollution tax.

This "global warming" hoax has gotten to be a real pain in the pinfeather.

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This might be a scary thought, but why not invent hybrid jet?

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