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Akio Toyoda, grandson of Toyota founder, wins shareholder approval to stay in leadership


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That was so close.

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The cheating did not result in recalls or safety problems.

Yeah, because Toyota, in their "cheating" were using stricter (and slightly different) standards than what the government imposed.

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Glad he kept his position!

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Ah, Toyota. "Sponsoring" the LDP since the beginning, lobbying for the weakest Yen as possible, in order to get record sales year after year, and getting the most ridiculous Tax payement cuts due to very "close" relation with all the right politicians.

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Is it just me or has Toyoda always had that creepy cringy vibe.....

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Toyota shareholders voted Tuesday in support of all the company's proposals, including keeping Akio Toyoda, grandson of the Japanese automaker’s founder, as chairman on the board.

The possibility of removing Akio Toyoda from his position was zero. It's akin to removing Elon Musk from Tesla or Steve Jobs from Apple. Akio transformed the company into the largest automaker in the world and maintained a healthy skepticism toward EV fanatics, which is benefiting the company's profits today.

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I love how the minions down vote my comment in hordes.

Guess the truth hurts. Especially for the locals. Guess what, I'm also a local and work for Toyota for 20 years now so I'm not as naive as those downvoters.

Besides,no need to take my word. Just read again all those articles about Toyota's record profits, election involvement, tax cuts for mega corporations, etc. It's all out there.

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I believe Toyoda is a committed leader who can overcome challenges and make transformation

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