All In: Teaching women to use poker skills in the boardroom

By Chris Taylor

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I know women and POC have a lot of glass ceilings to break, but we do not necessarily want to promote every woman or man to be another "Theranos"!

Theranos: how one woman fooled Silicon Valley

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Teaching the illusion you could negotiate with your employer like winning at that virtual university poker table? That doesn’t work well. They’ll get their final lesson on this after university, when applying for the first or any next job, recognizing that the other side always has already the royal flush in the hand, whatever shuffled card deck is in use. lol

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After all, what is a boardroom but a place where power players read each other and make high-stakes decisions with the best available information at the time?

Well, the writer obviously had absolutely no experience of being in a boardroom . Appalling journalism. A boardroom works towards the overall betterment of the organization. It isn't every member for themselves. JT scraping the bottom of the news pool barrel again.

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I misread the title and thought it was about using poker skills in the bedroom...which could be a different seminar, I suppose. At any rate, it’s interesting that such approaches are being tried. I have no idea if they work, but getting at the inner skills that make us tick would require a creative approach of some kind.

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Why not go the whole hog and get some politicians in to teach them how to lie and get away with it?

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