All Nippon Airways boosts profit, sales forecast


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Japan's weather forecast is more reliable than govt.'s economy forecast or Japanese companies' business forecast.

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Darn, so me switching alliegence to One World didn't harm them like I thought it would? They have great onboard service, just wish they didn't invent rules to prevent common sense prevailing. Annoying!

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I recently booked return tickets on ANA: two Tokyo-London-Tokyo flights and one London-Tokyo-London.

The taxes and fees were the same for both tickets, but the base fare from Tokyo to London was Y50000 more, even when travelling on the same plane and same day. ANA (and other airlines) rip off their customers in Japan by charging so much more just to get out of Japan. More competition is needed to punish these rascals.

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For its oldest rival, JAL, they're looking forward for Soviet-style dissolution

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Good. Switched to them more and more over the last couple of years. Continue to be impressed. If I have to pay a small premium to fly with them now, I will from now. Service is good, they are always on time and the cabins are toilets are consistently clean. @Scrote: Tough for there to be more competition when Narita is totally full and there are LESS seats on the London route at almost any point in the last 25 years.

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Been with ANA for last 15 years now and completely satisfied. In particular they have invested and upgraded their English web page for foriengers living in Japan, added many new online features, made it easy to work. Service is excellent, ontime record is great. They have upgraded their inflight entertainment system but still lacks better ones like on Singapore airlines. One major disappointment is their lack of any flights to Australia. Japanese people like to travel to Australia so find it strange why they dont have this route on their international flights.

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@some14some: You are really are such a negative zzzzzzzzzzzz

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I have just flown with ANA and the service was excellent and a seat was very comfortable for a long flight.compared to UA. Keep up with a good workI Thank you everyone. I am very impressed.

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Don't understand the comments here. I've been flying with them over the last few years but last year I switched to Korean Air. I must say that Korean Airs inflight service is a lot better whereas their ticket prices are much cheaper that ANA. The planes are much better as well. I never liked ANA that much.

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Japan had nearly no competition for airlines companies, which have been into bankrutcy many times. And yes other companies may have a far better quality price ratio.

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@Prin: Other than Singapore Airlines, I cannot think of any other major airline that comes anywhere close to the quality/price ratio of ANA and Emirates. I am not talking about economy class.

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Just flew them to Germany and back and have been very disappointed. Their renovated planes have wider legspace than other lines, but still, the food esp on the way back was horrible and salty, the bread totally dry and the morning service was utterly disorderly, left and right aisles had big time difference, first drink and wet towel wasn't cleared before they come with the full tray...not worth it. There is only one positive thing to mention: luggage allowance is more than usual to Europe, two pieces at 23 kg per person in economy. Than again you could fly a cheaper airline, send all your shopping back to Japan with dhl and still save money.

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