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Almond Cafe reopens at old spot in Roppongi after 2 years


Almond Cafe in Roppongi, a famous meeting spot near the Roppongi intersection, reopened in its old spot on Friday, nearly two years after it closed for refurbishment. The famous cafe, which opened in 1964, is now housed in a sleek new building.

Almond's long opening hours (9 a.m. – 5 a.m.) and it being open every day of the year helped it to become a symbol of Roppongi and the most popular meeting spot in the area. The company that runs the Almond cafes was founded in 1946, and is said to be the first food and beverage business in Japan that handed out “oshibori” - moistened hand towels - to customers before they ordered.

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Wonderful -- what would Roppongi be without people being able to meet outside of "ARmando"?

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My Iranian friends told me that plenty of transvestites would hang out here in the middle of the night pretending to be casual customers but actually waiting for Johns.

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I'll miss the old building and cafe but glad it's back.

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I stood in front of it once, and that was the last time I ever went to Roppongi. Too many damn gaijin. In Japan, so live Japan is my motto.

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Wonder if they will sell Nigerian or Russian coffee now?

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Ah, normality returns to Roppongi, all those people wondering where to meet in the interim can now get on their keitais and as heretofornow says arrange once again in front of ARmandos.

P.S. agree with goddog.

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I haven't been in Roppongi since 2 years now. The last time even the former hot spot bars had been empty on a Thursday night, after midnight. Something unthinkable when I lived in "Pongi" 10 years ago.

So I was stuck to wait for the first train home; alone with the staff who told me that --since the financial crisis-- during the week, there is not much action after midnight. I wonder, if that has improved lately?

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Roppongi has been owned by the Nigerian mafia for years. It's a dive, avoid it at all costs. Almond is a lame place anyway.

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Iconic landmark. Great memories of waiting for hot (and cold) women outside back in the Bubble Era.

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I remember the Almond from 1982 and always being able to orient myself by it and know my way to the Marine's barracks up the street, as for too many Gaijin's in Roppongi GET OVER IT! that's like saying there are too many Chinese in Chinatown San Francisco, Japan is Japan but there will always be a place for the respectful gaijin that loves Japan to be able to share in and enjoy the country I love so much! I only got to live in Japan for 6 years but I go back every chance I get.

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