Amazon 'Prime Day' becomes phenomenon as rivals jump in

By Rob Lever

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I'm actually going to cancel my prime subscription because prime is of no benefit here in Japan. Prime day isn't very good as there are no big ticket items for sale (like in the U.S). Most of the items are things I could do without such as usb sticks etc. Dont get me started on Prime video :(

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Are Prime and Prime Day different?

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The stuff they put on "sale" during Amazon Prime Day is mostly Chinese stuff none would ever buy at any price anyways, so it's pointless. Don't know about the one on USA but that's what I see in the Japanese Amazon.

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Optimus Prime approves!

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Prime Day in Japan doesn't seem to offer as many bargains as in the US. But, Prime membership in general is still a great value in Japan between the free next-day delivery, video, and music.

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Living in a tiny mountain village in Japan, Prime is awesome for me. I use Amazon so much, for almost everything, groceries, cleaning products, gardening stuff, books, beers....and it all gets delivered free!

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Japanese Amazon is saturated with English teachers pretending to be business dealers by selling through Amazon's seller programs. Heck, there's a plethora of gaijin selling 'how to' information on Facebook! Yet there's nothing you can't buy cheaper elsewhere.

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