Amazon becomes most valuable publicly-traded company


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And they are the pioneer of cloud computing through Amazon Web Services, although others are catching up these days.

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And they are the pioneer of cloud computing through Amazon Web Services, although others are catching up these days.

Does it concern you the level of hacking of these cloud providers of late? I guess if you go with Amazon you are probably going to get some of the best techies around protecting your data but man, I wouldn't be putting anything on the cloud I really didn't want stolen or duplicated.

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Hmm, haven’t heard of any special incident myself?

Google Cloud even encrypts all data at rest in their platform, I understand.

If there are hacking incidents I can easily imagine it’s companies with lesser capabilities in IT security who are building hackable products on top of the cloud. That’s not a cloud problem, just a garden variety security issue.

With cloud, I would want to be certain that the tenants I am sharing with aren’t going to be able to hack the underlying infrastructure abstractions and get my data...

but personally I gust the cloud providers more than I trust businesses who use their services to operate.

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Cloud is more than just data storage - it's also cloud computing and other services, such videogame and retail servers (after all, that's how AWS started - Amazon was already doing such cloud retail services for their own business, so they thought, hey why not do it for other businesses too for a fee?)

Many businesses cannot afford to build, maintain, and constantly update a cloud center each on their own, so they "rent" such services from cloud businesses like AWS and Microsoft Azure that already have that infrastructure and economies of scale

Anyways, I remember when Amazon started - the internet was still a wild wild west - ya never know who to trust, which ones won't take your money and fly-by-night, what would even be your recourse (if any) to try to get your money back if that happens, or even which businesses would just survive long enough for them to send your product before they run out of fund money, etc. There were no guarantees, and ya takes your chances. I was just hoping my books from Amazon would just arrive and not too late into the semester, lol

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