Amazon delivery pressure hurting workers, labor group says


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Not that I order a ton on Amazon, but I love the 2-day delivery. Sometimes I'll order something in the morning and it arrives that very afternoon.

Still, I'd be fine with 4-day delivery if it means that tens of thousands of workers won't be treated so much like crap.

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Ordered something at lunch time and it arrived that evening.

surely that’s too much.

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capitalism and people exploitation at its best.dont need to say more.

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Not good. People I know who worked at the US Postal Service have low stress and good pensions. Instead at Amazon all profits go to Bezos.

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its sad that people have lost all patience in everything, they expect it to happen fast and now, without any issues. Its creating a bad world filled with 3 year old adults

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All those Amazon trucks and FedEX trucks delivering the last mile in the US are independent companies who bough the route. Except Yamato in Japan is the contractor for FedEX.

There is even a site where contractors buy and sell their routes. There is a lot of turnover because it’s not very lucrative.

Yamato has just as busy a pace as US Amazon contractors, and the drivers work long hours, providing great service. Why do we not hear about some systemic injury problems with them?

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If they want to provide the same speedy service, then they should hire more people to do it. They make so much profit that they can easily do this. This is pure greed on the part of Amazon and disregard for the physical and mental well-being of their workers.

That's shameful considering how easy it would be for them to be a supportive and pleasant place to work while still being an insanely profitable company. Just look at Patagonia if you want to see a fantastic business model for their family (workers, sorry).

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Amaslaves until they unionize.

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Not good. People I know who worked at the US Postal Service have low stress and good pensions

Are you old enough to remember the expression "going postal", meaning a fed up overworked employee takes a gun to work and in a rage starts killing people? Our wonderful long term mail carrier recently quit due to the stress and long hours of the job. The USPS distribution centers and their intercity drivers are all contractors and it is hell working where they do. They have the same ridiculous deadline pressures and high turnover one finds at FedEx Ground or UPS.

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If the job you're required to do hurts you so much, just quit.

If you have a wife, kids and all the expenses those entail are you just going to quit? Realize that every transportation company works their employees to the bone. I spent too much of my life around it, 14-15 hour days and it still isn't enough to meet ridiculous service deadlines and make managers happy. If you ever wondered why the trucking industry is whining about being short hundreds of thousands of drivers this is why. It is a horrible industry to work in and eventually many find a way out into another line of work. But while you set yourself up to move you have to pay the rent and put food on the table, and the injuries accrue. I can't even stand up straight any more my back is such a wreck from lifting hoses (fuel delivery) or jackassing pallets of freight with pallet jacks.

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If the job you're required to do hurts you so much, just quit.

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