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Amazon Japan, Life tie up to sell fresh foods online


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Whats interesting about this is that there are ALREADY services that do this.

I had signed up for one, and they bring some really good produce at a good price.

Also, granted, this company is in Chiba.

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Amazon already has Amazon fresh launched in Tokyo? What about expanding to Osaka first?

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As much as we can we try to buy local foods from local farmers still with the soil on the veg. Amazon does not charge sales tax but local shops have to.

Good for those who need it.

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Good job done here.

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I both love and hate Amazon. Great service, price, ease of use and products but their monopoly is obscene.

Rakuten totally dropped the ball with their site. They deserve the beating they are getting right now.

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In certain parts of Tokyo there's a Company called Busy Bee, doing something similar but across a whole range of products. On closer inspection you see that the Company only purchases certain products from Stores, so it wont necessarily be the best value. But, these Services exist to provide a Service to people who want and can pay for, such a "Service". If you're elderly, and have no Kids, then what else are you going to spend your money on - so Japan is a Good Market for these Companies.

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we purchase our rice from a farmer in Niigata through Amazon. I'm hoping this service extends to other parts of Japan soon.

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