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Amazon Japan offices raided in antitrust case


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The problem with Amazon's practice is that they tried to force suppliers (e-shop owners) to give Amazon the best price while restraining those suppliers from give the same pricing at other e-malls.

This is basically racketeering, abusing their purchasing power. Rakuten doesn't really need to ask favors since this is against anti-trust law here in Japan needing only a whistle blower to get the police all over Amazon.

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Amazon is a great way to shop for items that are otherwise hard to find, and saves the consumer the cost of transportation to physical stores that likely don't have the desired products, saving the environment as well.

That said, there have been numerous times that I have found the items sold at some bricks and mortar stores at lower prices. It goes both ways.

If you don't like it, don't use it.

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Amazon is quite awesome... sellers that sell through them, not always so awesome. I have 'assumed' a good (or perhaps even close-to-best price from the latter), but have subsequently found much better deals on eBay (as 'buy it now' price). So now I 'shop around' a bit more. Amazon does need to be very mindful of who they allow to sell through their site.

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So many negative comments about Amazon here! As a customer and constant user of online shopping let me say this " the only thing Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and other online sites" are guilty of is making our lives as a customer easier and more affordable. Without these sites we will end up paying so much more at usual stores. Just we need to be careful and check reviews or return policies carefully of certain sellers using these site for selling their products. This article tends to favor the company's doing the selling rather than the common customer. Bottom line is without online sites company's would rip us as dull customers without options...

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Amazon is a perfect example of the race to the bottom, as companies & govt worldwide force people/families to scrimp, companies race for short term advantages to PROFIT from the race to the bottom(which only managers & owners really profit from), but its all short term, its going to end in an awful mess.

But Toyota has been doing the same to its suppliers etc, gee wonder why the fair trade office aint banging on their door.......no need to answer........carry on!

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And here I was told let the free market reign and everything will be fair, balanced and glorious.

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And people still gladly buy at Amazon, or demand stores price-match Amazon (which is effectively the same thing for the bottomline).

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Looks like Amazon Japan's rivals called in a few favours from the Fair Trade Commission.

Does not seem fair.

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Amazon deserves whatever they get. I'll admit I do still use it as it's good for consumers, but I've had experience of how bad some of their business practices are, and they're also very famous for not paying their taxes in some markets and also taking ridiculously long times to pay their suppliers.

I'm sure this raid will result in nothing but this little bit of bad PR, but they deserve what they get, even if there are politics at play.

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Looks like Amazon Japan's rivals called in a few favours from the Fair Trade Commission.

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Amazon's almost monopolistic economies of scale and global reach can bring benefits to buyers, but at the same time can exert undue pressure on retailers to lower margins and profits with the threat of not selling their goods. Looks like their abuse of power is about to backfire.

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Japan’s Fair Trade Commission declined to confirm the report, but added that it was “not incorrect”.

With one eyebrow raised, a wink and an elbow nudge.

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I have very little sympathy for Amazon these days but selective use of a fair trade watchdog reminds me of a very large neighbouring country.

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