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Amazon, others ordered to halt sales of items containing excessive tritium


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No one complaining?

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The legal amount of tritium varies greatly from contry to contry. But with the amount of tritium released by Fukushima Japan should lower the legal limit in other products.

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I would guess that you could purchase these items, should you really need them, from another source such as Alibaba.com

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Could you also please stop the excess flow of tritium thats flowing into the seas surrounding Japan killing the wildlife and us?

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the legally allowable limit of 1 billion becquerels

I think there's something missing from that statement. I'm assuming it should be rated to something (per liter, per tonne, per cubic meter, etc.) Does anyone know?

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What is the tritium used for in those products? Night glow? Power? Hair removal?

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Go to amazon.co.jp and search for tritium... you'll see a lot of watches.

More info here:


The fun in Japan is slowly being taken away.

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