Amazon says it had its biggest Thanksgiving shopping weekend


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Mr Bezos, you've always known this to be the case. So pay your warehouse workers more to reward them instead of sacking them everytime YOU made a mistake with many of your other investments in auto, medical, space etc.

Your warehouse workers, how they deliver delight to customers all over the world is what made you very rich. Your skills aren't that great unless you count exploitation as one of them, so reward those who perform to their best, so you can be at your worst and still make money. Oh, no need to again pledge your wealth to charity, it's getting a bit old, how many times do you need to remind us of this every time you sack workers?

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Millions and millions of money from the sheep, the greatest business of the world!!..

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I did spend twice the usual for Black Friday shopping, as some of the items I was eyeing had the lowest prices in 3 years at Amazon.

But sadly, many others now require Prime Membership to access which I don't have anymore.

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Pay your workers more!

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It's daft not to take advantage of discounts in a recession. Buy in bulk if you can, saving money, courier miles and packaging. I've spent two years warehousing stuff as it was clear prices were going up and some things were going off sale. Watch the news for things that you use being retired, and stock up. A recent example was Epson ending laser printer sales in a few years. You won't often get that much notice. This is more important in the UK as the end of EU equivalency could cause quite a wide array of stuff to vanish quite quickly (and see sterling tank further). Nobody is going to make stuff just for the UK market, so stock up whilst you can.

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