Amazon, Walmart trade barbs on taxes, wages


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Walmart and Amazon. The poster children for underpayment of wages.

Amazon likes to boast about its new minimum wage. But they offset those gains by cutting many employee programs, holiday pay programs, and stock plans for employees that ultimately took money out of their pockets.

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Amazon, Walmart and many-many other big corporations are very lucky that they found so many naive fools to work for them for nothing!

$15 per hour for such huge companies is absolutely nothing. We MUST have laws limiting the ratio between the pays of the highest and lowest paid in a company, and not only require a stupid minimum wage. This ratio should be about 10, and not 250, as is now. 250 ratio is an obvious proof that the lowest paid in huge companies are actually SLAVES!!!

I am very shocked that billions of people from our planet don't realize such a simple thing... Plus, these billions of people elect useless politicians with negative intellect..., can you please write about such important priorities?

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