business staff warned over criticizing company's climate policy

By Gregory Scruggs

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restrictions were common corporate policy

Not a surprise for the faceless robots

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Hah, Amazon is always bragging about how its so progressive and Bezos is so liberal and loves to speak his mind, but I suppose he doesn't extend the same rights to his employees.

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Sadly this is all to true about companies, you need to be CAREFUL about when  you speak about things like climate issues or politics anywhere near or even outside the office, people do NOT have any real power in this & govts will NOT help them!

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I am looking forward to reading yet more proper, in depth exposes on exactly what goes on in this corporation and how its employees are treated. There are some nasty stories of injured and overworked employees being treated despicably.

Of course, this company is not the only one that has alleged dubious practices. Peel off the veneer of capitalist endeavor, and you'll find some very, very unpleasant stuff - not just confined to the treatment of workers in developing nations, either.

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Their warehouses/ fulfillment centers are sweat shops. bebo built his fortune on the backs of slave labor. Same as 1890's big businesses. And they're the reason for climate change!

0 ( +0 / -0 ) Inc employees who publicly demanded more aggressive action by the company

Pretty ironic that these people at the same time believe in the evilness of CO2 and then work for a company whose business is based on producing more CO2 than the traditional way of shopping. OF COURSE more fuel is burnt for putting the the smallest item in boxes and then shipping those boxes to consumers individually. Same goes for a climate activists who lecture us while sitting at their laptops and ordering from Amazon...

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