American Airlines to start furloughing 19,000 workers


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I am glad as we need to ground all people world wide and stop this Pandemic.

The new normal is not yet established and it will be the worlds countries locking down and preventing any international travel. Good for the climate and our future.

Change is always painful and is inevitable.

Capitalism is dead and tribalism is occurring faster and faster.

What comes next as was seen in the 1930's is a prelude to war.

We see it in the Trump show, Japan show as now they need to raise prices to overcome the losses of the international community

It will be every man woman and child for their own survival

Time for all to watch the movie the Patriot on the post apolitical ending of the norm of pre 2020

Our survival is not looking good.

Millions will die inevitably

Nature is taking charge and we are the pest that is being eliminated.

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A massive over-reaction for a virus with a more than 99% survivability.

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Yeah, let's ignore those 25-33% of survivors that aren't recovering from those pesky long-term symptoms keeping them from a normal life.

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It was gonna happen anyways the employees should've been looking for a way out as soon as this started

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