American Airlines chief proposes JAL as exclusive Asian partner


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This is shameless pandering. A plague on all their houses.

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I wonder if either airline will get to perform a "due diligence" check on JAL before signing any binding contract - they owe it to their own shareholders - before they find out exactly how much debt and liabilities JAL really have?

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American Airlines is the worst carrier in the history of American aviation. The further expansion of AA must be stopped, or they will destroy the Japanese aviation industry too.

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Sounds like an illegal move to stop competition to me.

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To me it seems like AA is issuing "Non Endorsable/Non Refundable/Non Reroutable" Certificates but no Cash Awards to JAL.

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or they will destroy the Japanese aviation industry too.

i think the locals have done quite a nice job of destroying their own aviation industry without any outside help

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