Americans re-embrace Japanese cars, lifting sales


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The tech in US cars still isn't great and although progressing theyre still made too cheaply. Dodge Dart's a pretty car though the Chrysler 200 remains a dog. In my opinion.

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Just because the J-cars are better doesn't mean the American cars are rubbish. As the article says:

Experts say that even though the [GM] company is making better cars and trucks, advertising has failed to get the message across.

Even the very influential Consumer Reports magazine ranks that cars are getting so much better now, the differences are getting tighter and tighter, and that's good for consumers because they could almost pick any car of their choice and not be stuck with a lemon.

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this is a bit dangerous situation for japanese car makers, shouldnt forget what happened in 2009-2010 after toyota beaten up the GM. toyota had better aiming No2 position in the US market.

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Simply stated...Japanese and other foreign car manufacturers sell a quality car that American consumers want to buy. Not even Obama owned Government Motors gets it. They haven't for years...

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They'll arrive soon.

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So where are the american car promoters , and the japan car bashers from this site now, even the average american knows japanese cars are superior to that american rubbish clunking up n down the highway.

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