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Amid bountiful jobs, U.S. layoffs creep higher

By Douglas Gillison

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Trump doesn't give a dam about actual working people just ask his employees.

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This is not something new. The final quarter of the year always sees a huge rise in hiring and pay in order to accommodate the increased holiday traffic coming in. Most of those people are released in January. Yes it was higher than the previous 24 months but people also spent a lot of money during the last quarter.

Also, of course businesses were not spending as much as usual. Many of them would like to keep those profits to help them through a slow 1st quarter.

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"Bountiful jobs" -- sorry, nobody believes that PROPAGANDA. Those jobs are NOT full-time -- they are PART-TIME. They DO NOT pay a living wage, and they DO NOT have health insurance, benefits, or a pension. Those part-timers are HARRASSED constantly by their employers -- threatening them with THE AXE if you displease them in any way.

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