ANA cites 'terrorism' in reporting 20% quarterly profit drop


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ANA still making large profits then!

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"A sharp rally in the yen is threatening profits at major Japanese firms...."

Although that could help an airline with lower fuel prices and more passengers heading overseas to take advantage of their enhanced purchasing power.

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A sharp rally in the yen is threatening profits at major Japanese firms as it makes them less competitive overseas and shrinks the value of repatriated profits.

Good catch, JeffLee. A sharp rally in the yen is exactly what an airline, for whom internationally-priced fuel is a major expense, should be wanting to see, because it reduces their costs tremendously.

But we should no longer be surprised to see sentences like this one, copy-pasted with tiny variations, inserted into article after article by what I imagine are Abe/Kuroda/LDP content censors. I can't think of any other excuse for such shoddy journalism.

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If the Yen has increased in value it might be a good time to buy some new aircraft.

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They just invested in Vietnam Airlines a money losing state owned enterprise expect more losses.

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