ANA gets 11 int'l slots at Haneda; JAL gets 5 and complains

By Tim Kelly and Kentaro Sugiyama

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JAL mismanaged, goes into debt and the govt rescued the ailing airlines, wipe its debt and given tax credit so that it can lower its prices resulting to severe losses to competing airlines like ANA. Its just total unfair business model aimed to kill the competition. Now the govt realized it erred in favoring JAL now decided to favor ANA. JAL is crying a river.

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How do they decide this, anyway? Still, it's good to see JAL, the bloated overprivileged fat cat of the Japanese skies, getting its comeuppance.

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Because JAL received the government bailout, the competitive environment has been distorted.

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Still, it's good to see JAL, the bloated overprivileged fat cat of the Japanese skies, getting its comeuppance.

One of my neighbours used to brag endlessly about her two daughters who were both JAL flight attendants. Both got laid off, and now work for LCCs. Neighbor keeps awfully quiet these days.

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This doesn't make a lot of sense. Doesn't this put JAL under bankruptcy again in a few years? So then the billions were wasted. Seems disproportionate to the purpose

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Thank the gods JAL didn't get the majority of slots!! Crying in public confirms my belief that JAL will always act if they own the air rights in Japan. Remember a time when those stuck-ups wouldn't talk to regular passengers coming off other airlines at Haneda. Well let see if they can compete in the free market place when they are no longer supported by the government.

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Two more flights from Haneda to London are included in the slot allocation. Hopefully the extra capacity will lead to lower fares.

Although JAL is considered to have a financial advantage after their bail out they still seem to be the most expensive airline every time I compare fares.

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... aaaaaaand ANA still has no flights to Australia. CHEERS GUYS!

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@sighclops: Is there was money to be made on a route to Australia I'm sure both Qantas AND JAL or Virgin Australia would take the slots that were PREVIOUSLY available. No-one did - poxy non profitable routes.

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JAL got a second chance handed to them with the mandate that they have to cut the fat, lose the attitude, and learn to compete in the real world beyond the monopolized and protected J-Market. How do they react to this new challenge? Like a bunch of whiners still sucking at the subsidy teat. Get some cajones, JAL, and try and trash ANA with better service and fares.

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I rode ANA recently with the family back to the states. Hands down the best airline I have flown recently.

I agree with you. JAL, in recent years, has been a great disappointment to me (with the very obvious corner-cutting and unjustifiably snotty attitude of the cabin crew), but ANA has never let me down. Still, I think that both of these airlines have very real competition with the LCCs. Remember, a whole generation of flyers have grown up regarding air travel as "flying bus" and nothing more.

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Why only ANA and JAL?

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MumbaiRocks: did you find ANA better than JAL? Mealwise and service-wise?

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Don't be surprised that ANA will use the extra landing slots to do things like moving their international flights from the US West Coast (e.g., San Francisco and Los Angeles) to land at Haneda instead of Narita, which would hugely benefit the airline since passengers won't have to deal with the expensive ground transportation from Narita back to central Tokyo--and that right there would mean huge demand for ANA flights from the US West Coast.

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