ANA employees walk in the departure lobby of the international terminal at Haneda airport in Tokyo. Photo: AP file

ANA plans to cut workforce 20% over 5 years to survive COVID-19 crisis


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20% over 5 years is puny, considering the devastated state of its business. I would be extremely unhappy if I were an ANA shareholder.

Good luck with that "natural attrition," while your more nimble rivals race ahead of you.

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More and more people with loose their jobs and life existence.

I can not understand why people are still continue to scream for lockdowns, shut down businesses and so on...especially because it doesnt have a big impact on preventing the Virus.

Only a safe and effective vaccine will probably help...

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will the CEO's take a pay cut? Probably not!

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The parent of All Nippon Airways Co expects the number of employees in the business to fall to 30,000 by March 2026 from 38,000 estimated at the end of March this year by reducing new hires and with retirement, the sources said.

I see that the airline bailouts and GoTo travel subsidies had the desired effect to save jobs.

That was the intended effect of those programs, wasn't it?

The recipients of these generous gifts from the public have already been served so the workers held as bargaining chips are no longer useful .

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Good luck with that "natural attrition," while your more nimble rivals race ahead of you.

The companies that make up the airline industry are all in the same boat, or in this case the same plane.

The road to recovery will be long.

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The only answer to the pandemic-induced recession is full government compensation for lost jobs and sales. No need to raise taxes to cover the costs. All that the government has to do is to simply issue more government bonds.

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ANA is a bloated airline, they should downsize, better for customers and the airline.

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@CS: Was that your opinion PRIOR to the Pandemic?

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These are difficult times for all airlines, and who knows when or to what extent things will get back to the way they were.

My ongoing impression is that JAL (especially) and ANA are excessively proud companies with outdated pay structures that are supported by free or very cheap taxpayer money. They are truck and bus companies whose trucks and buses happen to have wings. Lots of people off the mainland (or main lands) of Japan depend on them though, so any failure has consequences.

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@CS: Was that your opinion PRIOR to the Pandemic?

Thank you for the post, the answer is yes that has been my opinion for awhile. ANA expanded to quickly and as a result their alliance with United has suffered. I believe they are using the pandemic as an excuse to restructure. It will be a good thing in the long run.

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Shock and awe on all remaining comments above. I agree 98.7 with them.

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More and more people with loose their jobs and life existence.

The story says "natural attrition," not layoffs or furloughs.

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it is called, referred to natural wastage.

It is quite righty appalling.

The terminology is supposedly acceptable.

It is, in fact,, a failure to have a flexible recruitment policy

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