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ANA slashes profit forecast by 71% because of pandemic


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Between here and Europe ANA fares were always more expensive than foreign carriers-they deserve to go bankrupt!

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Considering what you hear, like most of the planes are flying almost empty, I'm surprised to hear that they will have a profit at all. I tought they would all be in the red.

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@kurisupisu: 'they deserve to go bankrupt'?? I don't dispute that their fares between here and Europe ARE more expensice than alternatives. However their load factors until these recent circumstances were very high for the the simple reason that they were the better airline. Better product - Better Schedules. No company 'deserves' to go bankrupt. Do you personally, or the company you work for deserve to go bankrupt? What do you offer thats different? Thats why we have competition. No one forces you to fly ANA and pay the extra so you don't.

Any money airlines can make now wil come down to how quickly they can furlough staff, come to agreements with unions and how well they utilise the aircraft that are actually in the air. As during the Gulf War - this will probably come from cargo revenue.

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@the Resident

Sure, I have flown ANA.

I have flown on many airlines-too many to count

Your defense of ANA is based on what?

How is ANA better?

Same cramped seats in economy and what?

Japanese food for the customers?

Announcements in Japanese first?

Their curried chicken in their lounges?

Superior routing?


There isn’t even a direct flight to London from KIX even though ANA was making billions and billions of yen in profit!

How come their prices are double other carriers?

Ripping off the Japanese public!

Well, if they ask for a bailout in this crisis then they should be rebranded!

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1: I too have flown many airlines.

2: My defense is based on the fact that I HAVE flown many airlines.

3: How are they better? On board: Cleaner Cabins - Cleaner Toilets - Polite Service - neither over the top or rude like many airlines. Pre flight - Possibly th easiest to navigate website and easiest to use website of all major carriers I have tried. Incredibly puntual gate to gate. I believe only JAL is better in that respect.

4: No idea. Don't fly economy. I can tell you that their new Buisness and First products rival; anything other than SQ's suite

5: Never been on an international flight where only Japanese food is offered. Always had choice of either.

6: Your comments about announcements in Japanese first and Curry in the lounge are irrelevant.

7: Superior routing and multiple flights to many destinations. For exampole their overnight flight to Frankfurt will have you anywhere in Europe after a very hassle free transfer (as they are Star Alliance) by 9 AM.

8: ANA applied for the KIX - LHR several times since it was made vacant. They were unable to secure a slot at LHR which if you know anything about slot control there, unless you are BA or one of their partners is basically impossible to come by. JAL started an overnight flight HND-LHR, BUT only as BA vacated a morning slot for them . Yes - I am aware that BA did start flying from Kansai. Its easy when you have the slots the other side.

9: I very much doubt that you can demonstrate over a sensible time period that ANA's fares are 'double' that of others. If they were I would never fly them. However for a long hail flight I will happi;y pay 5-10% more to fly them especially if the schedule suits.

10: How are they 'ripping off' the Japanese Public when up until the Covid 19 outbreak there were more choices than ever to travel domestically in Japan and a host of LCC's

11: Do you think you are worthy of claiming the 100,000 yen from the Government, if so, why? Its the same thing and to the best of my knowlesge ANA are not looking for a bailout but a government guarantee on further loans.

JAL were bailed out in better times by the Government - you're ok with that, yeah?

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