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ANA to permit staff to take on wider range of side jobs amid pandemic


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"....employees are expected to see their annual pay fall by 30 percent on average."

That's not bad, considering that revenues in the industry are down 70 to 90 percent.

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Great. The new guy at the konbini may be a part-time pilot. The road pointy guys (the thousands of guys pointing where you should drive) are transferring their talent from the airport when your plane is parking at the gate.

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I'm sure the flight waiters and waitresses will have no trouble making the transition to ground waitstaff.

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Until antidote is found. NOTHING works.

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Since airlines have many occupations, the second workplace is different for each person. Flight attendants and ground staff can work in hospitality, doctors and nurses can work in hospitals, and lawyers can work in law firms. Where do pilots and mechanics work?

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will be permitted ... in their off-duty hours

Is this normal in Japan that the company tells you what to do in your spare time?

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Where do pilots ... work?

"Driver" is already a commonly used name for pilot in the airline industry. Maybe they can transfer their talents to work as limo drivers?

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This is far worse than I imagined.

I originally anticipated that the systems of "lifetime employment" and living wages will kick in because Japan is the weeb's dream of perfected Nihon-socialist utopia. Well, this news is one step before announcing a massive layoff in the American style.

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Tragic result of the globalist panic.

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That's not bad, considering that revenues in the industry are down 70 to 90 percent...

Yep.. Singapore Airlines recently WFR'd 4300 employees, the pilots pay has been cut by 50%, passenger traffic is down by 99.6%.. more than half of the cash raised by share sales is already gone.. If it survives, will be a very different airline in the post covid world.

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Bonus are bonus.

They are lucky yet not to have been massively laid off. If situation carries on til spring, only few companies will survive.

It is not only about treatment, it is about international management of measures : they have to be the same in all countries at airports, which so far is impossible to follow.

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Companies expect you to be loyal to them no matter what, and spend your whole life working everyday. But once they get into troubles they throw you under the bus.

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employees will be permitted to take on part-time work for other companies in their off-duty hours

YAY! Welcome to allowing people to do things already allowed in other countries!! Good to be progressive Japan!

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