ANA to resume 90% of its domestic flights next month


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Besides the danger of increasing infections this is economic madness. Especially as Jal is expected to do the same.

There will be no foreign tourists for the domestic flights and many Japanese people will not fly either. 30 to 40 % would have been realistic. As for business travelers . I have 3 companies in Japan but we will not resume flying till the virus is controlled and vaccins are available.

I understand the airlines need to restore their schedules but doing so at the cost of massive operating losses is not clever.

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Resume domestic flights and no international flights? Does Japan realize that this virus is being spread domestically and not internationally?

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If the US bases are locked down I’m definitely off to Okinawa. Love the place. I’ve had no job for months and months now. Snorkeling and scuba diving is much better than Netflix at home.

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I cautiously welcome this news, similar to what JAL put out recently.

The airlines must think that demand is increasing through bookings or requests, so are responding as they think it's appropriate. Personally, I look forward to flying again and seeing the airlines kick back into gear.

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I had always assumed that a large proportion of domestic flights are actually dependent on international flights, so I am a bit confused at how they can re-open 90% of them. The only time I ever fly domestically is to catch a connecting flight in Tokyo that is going overseas. Most of the Osaka-Tokyo or Nagoya-Tokyo flights must only exist to service international connections because the shinkansen is a way more convenient way of getting between those cities.

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If the US bases are locked down I’m definitely off to Okinawa.

I know eh. Nothing worse than those obnoxious Joes wandering around in packs.

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you can fly empty planes all you want..

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Couldn't they have used correct English for once? "Go To" campaign" or "Go Travel" or whatever? Even the govt. here pushes incorrect English. No wonder so many misuse and misunderstand English here.

Just to add, no matter what they call this thing, I don't want a bunch of people travelling all over Japan until the epidemic is completely under control.

They should push huge discounts for those who travel within their own prefectures and can prove it to boost local tourism.

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Tokyo raises the pandemic alert level, the government promotes tourism, ANA increases the number of flights, and I'm still not allowed back home (here, where I live, Japan) if I have to leave for any reason. Confused? Sure am!

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Who will be flying ???. Lives before money please.

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