ANA to set ceiling on fuel surcharges


All Nippon Airways will set a ceiling on fuel surcharges on its airfares at some 35,000 yen per one-way travel, ANA officials told Jiji Press on Monday.

ANA aims to limit a decrease in demand stemming from higher air travel costs. At present, the firm's maximum fuel surcharge stands at 28,000 yen per one-way trip.

Airline firms reset fuel surcharges every three months to reflect changes in jet fuel prices. In this process, they use preset price lists.

The average price of jet fuels for May-July, used to set surcharges for October-December, shot up to 163.5 dollars per barrel.

Based on ANA's price list, its maximum surcharge, applied to services connecting Japan with the United States and Europe, will reach 44,000 yen for a one-way flight.

Discount travel agencies offer overseas package tours from prices of tens of thousands of yen. A surcharge of 88,000 yen per round trip is likely to push down demand for overseas travels further.

ANA is being weighed down by higher fuel prices, but it is difficult to keep raising surcharges at the current pace, a senior official said.


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Dude, oil prices are down 20% from their high. Get with the hip crowd, ANA.

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Before this 'airline' tries to raid anyone else's wallet maybe they should take a look at what is happening to oil prices and what thir competitors are doing.

I've never flown ANA becuse there is always someone reliable much cheaper.

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They are off their heads, what we need is another two airlines here in Japan to create some competition in this industry.

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At the same time they announce this cap on surcharges, they announce a 10% increase in international fares effective October. One way or another, they'll find a way to take your money.

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I just bought a ticket for a flight to UK with Virgin. The fuel surcharge is currently at 34,000 yen, RETURN. The basic fare itself was probably cheaper than ANA.

Why on earth is ANA charging 28,000 yen for one trip? For a return trip, that's 22,000 yen more than Virgin.

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