Workers fear squeeze from green energy transition

By Laurie Goering

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"You have to get employees to embrace this transition to climate neutrality and you don't get it if they feel insecure, if they feel they are not getting anything out of it," Kraft said.

Losing income doesn’t make anyone feel secure does it?

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"Backers say the shift will create millions of new green jobs, making up for those lost in dirty sectors, and leave Europe with cheaper energy, cleaner air and water, and stronger resilience to climate threats."

Well, it is better to create those millions of new green jobs before torching the fossil fuel jobs. Less of an impact on people's lives and economy. Also, the technology of green energy is still not up to par to be able to handle the needs of major metropolitan areas which the overwhelming majority of the population in the world live. They need to up improve the technology and efficiency before cutting other sources of energy.

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The oligarch corporatocracy has been squeezing workers for decades but yes we can blame environmentalism and a Green New Deal that does not even exist yet to divert attention from our greed and destruction of the environment.

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The oil companies and controlled media always try to highlight the jobs that people will lose because of the change to green energy. However, they also fail to mention the amount of jobs that will be created as well. Switching to new energy will create more jobs than what is lost. Especially because the institutions are less self-sustaining than our current sources.

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Note to Poland: China is building many more coal-fired power plants because they are not pledging to be carbon-neutral until 2060 (if you can even believe that.) Polish coal miners have 39 more years to shovel coal - they will just have to ship it a little farther than right now.

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