BOJ's next challenge: Unwinding Kuroda's legacy stimulus

By Leika Kihara

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Mr Kuroda & BOJ have turned a blind eye to the real issues of costs for the majority of Japanese who now live in big cities like Tokyo & Osaka.

BOJ has been using unrealistic inflation indicators that grossly understate the true experiences of city folks.

With property prices in Tokyo and Osaka sky rocketing in the past few years, and even Ginza land valued at the highest in the world, the bureaucrats & Mr Kuroda are living in ivory tower.

Young families have to pay very high prices for apartments in these cities. Many cannot afford. Those who can afford are actually helped by their parents. Rental costs have been increasing.

Though property prices are low & declining in much rural countryside, the young have been increasingly moved to the cities, where jobs opportunities are available.

BOJ extreme super easy policies have caused serious cost inflation to city dwellers, where most of the people now reside. The policy has mainly benefited a small section of the super rich, the bankers, big property owners and rich politicians.  Kuroda inflation indicator is flawed.

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i think the BOJ achieved exactly what it intended: Made the rich even richer That is what the central banking scam is all about after all

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The banks are making record profits. Banks are strong, their balance sheets are fine. There is no banking crisis in Japan. Time to end super easy policy & instead channel money directly to help young families in the big cities and cut the costs of bureaucracy.

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..."instead channel money directly to help young families" 

How does raising the cost of mortgages "help young families"?

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