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As trade war rages, central banks ponder radical steps

By Leika Kihara and Charlotte Greenfield

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We could go back to the gold standard, no?

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Negative interest rate?

Does this mean I can borrow money from the bank and they will pay me to do so??

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“Trade wars are easy to win” says the sage!

800 point DROP today for the DOW. Recession may be on its way.

Dump took credit and now blames the FED after he pressured them to cut rates.

It amazes and frightens me that so many people think the president who has multiple bankruptcies, failed airlines, failed university, responsible for the fall of the USFL etc. is a financial genius. His story is not rags to riches, banks in New York stopped doing business with him years ago. I don’t care who’s in office the FED should remain an independent entity. If you don’t think the trade war is having an impact on the economy you must believe Mexico will still pay for the wall.

Citizens, regardless of what party you’re in we have to take control. At the end of the day most politicians are beholden to their benefactors, special interest groups etc. We have to learn to compromise and make our politicians compromise or the middle and lower classes will continue to get screwed over.


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The inevitable result of "free markets", "free trade" and globalization. Ugh.

Ever since the West ditched Bretton Woods and Keynesian economics, this is the reality: negative interest rates and inflation, huge national debts, deficit spending as the norm, shrinking middle class and the super rich taking a bigger and bigger chunk of national incomes while workers get less and less.

Thanks, Mr. Reagan and Mrs. Thatcher, not to mention Mr. Nixon for abandoned Bretton Woods. This is what you wanted for us.

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The propagandistic tone of these articles is really sickening.

the policy has brought some success in Europe. Since the European Central Bank (ECB) adopted negative rates five years ago, the euro has lost just over a sixth of its value against the greenback.

Currency losing value is only a "success" for central banks looking to devalue their debts at the public's expense, and maybe for one-percenter elites who can take advantage of it; it's a slow slide into poverty for wage-earning workers in the EU who need the euro they earn to maintain its value.

Come on, JT. This continual cheerleading for governments and central banks has no place in journalism.

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800 point DROP today for the DOW. Recession may be on its way.

Give me a break, that is like 3-4 % down! A mild sniffle. Now in Argentina, they know how to make a stock market PLUMMET! The Merval Index dropped 48 % IN ONE DAY!!!

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A bank in Denmark (Jyske) are doing precisely that.  Mortgages at negative rates.  They pay you to take one out.

This is all such a signal that the "capitaklist" system and sassociated economics may be coming to some sort of crisis.  Japasn was the canary in the coalmine but now one by one other m,ajor economies needing to resport to desperate measures.  couple with currency wars.  And social distress.  Means normal measures just don't help any more.

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".... central banks looking to devalue their debts"

Huh? The major central banks have massive amounts of bonds on their balance sheets. That makes them creditors, not debtors.

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I walk around with gold in my wallet and will sell when 1 gram hits 6000 yen....

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