Hyundai bought chips when rivals didn't; its assembly lines are still rolling

By Joyce Lee

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This is just yet another long-winded advertisement for Hyundai. There's nothing 'forward thinking' about their stockpiling, and the author actually points out that Toyota had already stockpiled chips:

Other than Toyota Motor (Corporation), which said this month it had enough chip inventory to last it about four months, Hyundai and its sister firm Kia Corp are the only global automakers to have maintained a stockpile of low-tech chips that helped them keep up production.

Hyundai and Kia are the same company. The South Korean media keep perpetuting that they are somehow related, but not, even though all their models share the same parts in varying degrees.

But OK, congrats to Kiyundai for figuring out an obscure way to hold company with the largest automaker on the planet.

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It's merely a matter of time that Hyundai will surpass Toyota.

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Some companies make better decisions than others.

I remember that back in the financial crisis of 2008, credit dried up and the American auto manufacturers were in dire straits, except for Ford, which had signed up for a large line of credit before the credit crunch.

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Comparing Hyandai and Toyota, I think they both have brilliant engineering and assembly, and regardless of who sells the most, they both will do well in the near term. Hyundai and Toyota are two of the best-selling cars in California.

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