WTO seeks fish, vaccine deals as war ignites trade tensions

By Emma Farge and Philip Blenkinsop

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Don't worry I guess you can strike a deal without WTO permission.

Just wait till winter when the FOOD SHORTAGES will start to occur and FAMINE will happen.

Then countries will do it really quick between themselves without WTO supervision.

Dissemble WTO

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Big pharma will find a way to circumvent any deals at the expense of the general public

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When desperation sets in, there'll be no need for global get-together, no need for meetings, each country will look out for its own. Just a matter of time

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Well...thanks to the dumping of radioactive waste into the ocean from the Fukushima nuclear disaster the Japanese seafood industries reputation is rapidly negatively impacted.

Can't blame that on the Ukraine crisis or on regional stability or territorial issues !

Japan needs to show kindness to foreigners if it wants to be part of the international community.

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Whilst there's still $trillions to be made from the so-called vaccines, Big Pharma will be heavying the WTO. Meanwhile, what about the plight of the fish.

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