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ANA's first-half net profit soars 78%


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If you have ever flown on ANA or JAL you will see why these airlines are so popular (although JAL is in deep trouble financially).

Their service is impeccable, the food is great, smiles all around - and the stewardesses (air hostesses, air hosts, flight personnel - or any other PC term you choose to call them) are attractive, POLITE and ATTENTIVE.

Not so, American air carriers.

Keep up the good work ANA and JAL. We love flying with both of you!

Lawrence and Akiko Klepinger

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ANA is ok, JAL is awful. Best idea would be to close JAL and have ANA is the sole national carrier and allow budget airlines to fill in the short haul gaps.

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When I lived in Japan, I used ANA almost exclusively. I only used JAL thrice and that was related to availability of seats at the time I wanted to fly.

That said, I didn't notice a major difference between the two, but I have always been happy with ANA's service, and given that the mileage program I use is that of another star alliance carrier, it made sense for me to use ANA as much as possible.

Where necessary, each time I go back to Japan I will use ANA.

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