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Annual wage talks kick off as pandemic darkens outlook for pay hikes


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Already been decided and agreed on, nothing for everyone. As usual.

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Corporate executives and labor unions on Tuesday effectively began this year's spring wage negotiations amid expectations that the pace of pay increases will slow due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They are still going all in pushing this false narrative? Rengo has been defanged during the Bubble when wages actually rose and when the Bubble burst and wages stagnated they haven't changed their tune though neoliberal market reforms kept corporate profits rising.

Kyodo is a purveyor of fake news and this report brought to you by Keidanren.

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Robust wage growth is seen as critical for Japan to spur consumption and eventually attain a 2 percent inflation target set by the Bank of Japan.

When the US starts to experience inflation with its massive stimulus of over double what Japan has, it will hit commodities and Japan will follow suit with its own spending to keep the economy from stagnating, then we will see inflation here...

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Once and for all I wish the unions here would call a REAL strike and take these greedy bastards down!

For some reason the stock market keeps rising, these companies keep making profits and the workers are getting lower and lower real wages!

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This might shed some light on it for you.


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Why does everything have to be done at the same time? Is requesting a raise hike like a Japanese holiday where the whole country jumps in their cars and sit in traffic jams?

Ifyou or your union want a raise hike, any day and every day should be just fine to ask.

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Keidanren's more apt excuse would be, "Sorry, during the good old days, we spent all our surplus cash on stock buy-backs and dividends to shareholders, while we funneled a smaller share of our income toward our workers."

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Real estate prices are near an all-time high. Stock prices are around an all-time high. Cash reserves near an all-time high. Keidanren's complaining/cynism near an all-time high.

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This might shed some light on it for you.

Thank you, I have worked in a Japanese corporation that actually held a "strike" for higher wages.

In conjunction with the prefectural labor union, the buses and a number of international corporations here, had meetings with "management" and they picked a day, yes a mutually agreed upon day, to "strike".

It was a one day, "rah rah rah."..union flags parades, speeches at a local park...everyone go out together afterwards at their local izakayas and celebrate their "victory" "Management" showed up later, everyone drank together, and it was back to work the next day

Yeah, been there, done that, and actually know why too!

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Wages (the price of labour) ought be set by free market supply and demand.

This spirit should be instilled in each and every hard working Japan resident. The collectivist approach doesn’t work well. Stop with it.

These centralized approaches benefit no one to whom it counts.

Its’s a big change for group-oriented Japan though, I know...

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For some reason the stock market keeps rising, 

The central planners at the BOJ blowing a stock market bubble has at least a little to do with it.

Stock prices are around an all-time high

A 30-year high I grant you, but still 25% off all-time highs actually, unlike other developed market stock markets, including the old tech bubble NASDAQ.

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