Apa Group plans to build Japan's biggest hotel by 2020 Olympics

By Junko Fujita

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Let us all remember that APA group, through its president Toshio Motoya, is sponsoring revisionism of History.

People that have been in Japan for a while would remember the whole mess with Air Forces General Tamogami's light view of Japan's colonial past, back in 2008 when APA organised a contest about “True Modern History.”

Let's hope that pressure can be put so as to have no tour operator bookings in this group's hotels for the Olympics.

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I staid in one once. Never again. They had a brochure (in English) that was just dripping of nationalism with the usual phrases about Japan not being an aggressor during the world wars etc. Too bad foreigners are not more aware about this. I looked up Wikipedia, but no page about the Group, also there is one about it's president, Toshio Motoya. This issue should be brought to the attention of the Chinese, I'm sure they would pressure their tour operators to boycott any APA hotel!

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This is a Japanese press release, so let's read between the lines here. There's no way you'd build a whopping 2,400 room hotel (in Yokohama, of all places) without the casino development all but being approved. There's going to be one in Yokohama & one in Tokyo - mark my words!

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Foggia and Seawolf have it covered above, but the matter can't be stressed enough. The APA group is as right-wing and anti-Chinese/Korean as they come. This is all outlined in the books written in both Japanese and English left in the rooms. When I asked Korean friends who were staying at an APA if they saw the books they claimed that there were none in their rooms, yet were found in rooms of all of the Westerners. Not sure if this was by chance or if the hotel tries to avoid controversy by removing the books from rooms with people with Chinese/Korean sounding names. Regardless, this is not a company that anyone should be giving money to - especially foreigners. I really wish some news organization with a backbone would do some more in depth reporting on this issue and call for a boycott now and during the Olympics.

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