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Apple's news subscription service a mixed bag for publishers


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I think it's a good idea, a way to get news and magazines into mass-market hands and the price is reasonable. Unfortunately this service does not work in Japan, even with an American iTunes account as the main one, I'd probably pay for it if there was a way to access it here!

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Apple's 50% take is way too much. No wonder few newspapers will sign up with such a greedy company.

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The Journal, famous for its business and industry coverage and commanding nearly $40 a month, will feature "specially curated" general-interest news available for Apple customers.

Many subscribers of the WSJ are upset over this $10 offering, but we've been assured that Apple will only make WSJ articles available for 3 days after publication. After that, they disappear behind the paywall. If that's not the case there will be a mass exodus. Also as far as I'm aware the New York Times already offers 10 articles per month for free to non subscribers anyway.

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This isn't a NEW AMAZING SERVICE service/product developed by Apple. They purchased a company called Texture just over a year ago, which had in place the idea of using a digital subscription of multiple magazines for a number of years.


So really, they didn't "launch the Netflix for news"

Just saying.

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we've been assured that Apple will only make WSJ articles available for 3 days after publication

Apple have kept very quiet about that.

If there was a tool that automatically downloaded all WSJ articles from the Apple service every day and archived them on your own computer you could reduce the cost of your subscription. Anything that cuts the amount Murdoch gets is worthwhile.

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Apple wants "Clean" non-violence, censored everything... they're living in the 1950's.... Kids nowadays like Fortnight ! People want to know what's Really going on in the World! Apple TV will be dead soon, and Apple News.... yep. That too.

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