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Apple and Samsung - 'frenemies' for life

By Poornima Gupta, Miyoung Kim and Dan Levine

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technically the article is weak:

Mac OS vs Windows:


Apple had agreed to license certain parts of its GUI to Microsoft for use in Windows 1.0, but when Microsoft made changes in Windows 2.0 adding overlapping windows and other features found in the Macintosh GUI, Apple filed suit.

You have design patents now that would have drastically helped Apple, but they signed an agreement basically giving MacOS to Microsoft = stupid.

The flash memory deal with Samsung and others was very big (basically they got flash memory for about 1/2 price of their competition). It gave Apple the ability to undercut price on just about every MP3 player out there (Creative Nomad, and all the clones) and then they could ditch the micro-hard drives.


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These copycat Koreans!

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@LostinNagoya: very biased anti-Korea comment. Korean companies expanded by benchmarking existing products and improving on them, and only now are they starting to show a bit of innovation. Same as Japanese companies benchmarking American/European products in the 60s and 70s, before becoming leaders in the 80s.

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Bottom line: don't trust Korea Corporate. Apple learnt it the hard way.

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