Apple Inc supplier Foxconn's China plant hit by fresh worker unrest-social media


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There's a lot of unpaid people at Foxconn, little wonder why they are so desperate. Especially since they know, individually, having complained, they're likely to disappear.

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Foxconn is a Taiwanese company not a Chinese one, and owns Sharp.

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The Chinese watching the World Cup are seeing crowds of people mingling with no face masks and becoming enraged at the rules they have to live under. One wonders how much longer the CCP will allow the World Cup, or other international sports events, to be broadcast in China? Winnie the Pooh may regret engineering his third term of office.

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I can't even begin to imagine a factory with 200,000 workers most of whom presumably life on site in compay dormitories. 200,000 is a medium sized city, a bigger city than I really want to live in and here you have that many people working in one factory. I can barely get my head around this.

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Foxconn produces devices for many companies, not only Apple. At least fourteen American companies. Besides China, Foxconn is in about ten other countries.

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Foxconn, despite being a Taiwanese company, is very well connected to the CCP, I fear for these workers.

Don't forget workers used to commit suicide whilst on the job at Foxconn and the authorities allowed Fixconn to barricade dorms (against fire safety regulations).

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frustration mounted over how COVID cases were handled and over the treatment of employees, including what they said were insufficient provisions of food.

the manufacturer began a drive to convince workers to stay and to recruit more staff, promising higher per-hour salaries and bonuses.

Paying them and feeding them properly would be a good step.


Low wages

Low costs

Poor treatment

Poor food or not enough of it

Now is a hugh pain for Apple

That is what you get when you have most of your eggs in one basket and the workers want decent pay, food and working conditions.

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@ Yrrai your comments are welcome but according to you all of this is not happening! I guess silence is truth or perhaps denial. I would love to hear your comments. Its Apple so you can place the blame on the US.

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Makes the Apple "1984" adds seem pretty ironic and ridiculous

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