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As arable land disappears, here come the vertical farmers


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It won't happen here unless the big companies get involved. However, imagine being able to take home a Tokyo lettuce or a tomato instead of a 'banana' ?

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Plants are not very efficient at using natural light through photosynthesis. Which means that there is the possibility that converting natural light to electricity at 20% to 25% with solar panels and then using that electricity to drive pumps for aquaponics and led lights of the appropriate wavelengths indoors could actually be just as efficient. In a controlled environment with no runoff, you can recycle water, nutrients, exclude pests and grow without pesticides, and grow in the city itself where the consumers are. Wasn't the Shinjuku area mostly farmland until the post-war boom?

I don't know what the actual numbers are, but there is a good chance of them making this just as workable as the standard industrial methods (vast polytunnels, big machines, ...) that produce lots of food already.

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dharmadan, yes you are right at some point.There are a lot of lot of arable land in Japan is used just to grow rice.Its contract farming.If you notice ,in winters you ll see these lands grow nothing.

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I love reading your news although I am so far away from Tokyo and have never been there,I still haven't given up my dream of visiting Japan.

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There is plenty of arable land, it's just that there are too many damn people and many of them are lazy gits who expect someone else to grow, process, transport and cook their food for them.

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Not really relevant to Japan. It has a surplus of arable land. As farmers grow older without successors, they reduce the area under cultivation or stop farming altogether. When I cycle in the northern Kano I see many fields gone to weeds and abandoned orchards.

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Mix this with aquaponics!

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