As big automakers go electric, Mazda squeezes more from gasoline engines

By Yoko Kubota

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One remaining problem, however, is a loud noise similar to engine knocking caused by overly intense combustion when the torque, or turning force exerted by the engine, is high.

Engines that make a loud noise are quite popular in Japan at least where people deliberately change their exhaust for noisier ones.

Perhaps they could market it as a fuel efficient sports car - sports cars don't need to be quiet. I like the rumble of my Imprezza.

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timtak. I agree about the nice rumble.

Engine knocking, pinking or pinging is a loud single knocking noise coming from inside the engine, clonk, clonk, clonk, and nothing like the lovely growl of a tuned exhaust.

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When my Vtec kicks in, it drops to probably around 10% efficiency or less. BUT SO MUCH FUN!

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Range, strong air conditioning, free heating are some of the strong points of an internal combustion engine which consumers usually seek. If a 50% efficiency is attained, which up to now is considered an impossibility, Mazda definitely will have an edge.

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tmtmsnb Nov. 22, 2013 - 03:12AM JST If a 50% efficiency is attained, which up to now is considered an impossibility, Mazda definitely will have an edge.

Mazda is always playing catch up with Toyota. Toyota Prius is already there.

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It depends. IF Mazda somehow attains a 50%, through patent or whatever which I really don't know, and goes into hybrid too, while IF Prius somehow has to stay at 30 something, than sooner or later the situation will be reversed.

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sfjp330, your comment is actualy irrelevant to the article because if you read it properly "Mazda squeezes more from gasoline" meaning Mazda is putting its effort & focus in maximising & pushing the performance (in this case for fuel economy aka FE) of normally aspirated engine. The article also stated that Mazda confessed to lacking in resources unlike other "Bigger players" & due to this they had to innovate with whatever they had in their coffers.

No mention or indication of whatsover for mazda trying to challenge head on with the "mighty" Toyota (for market share, patents etc.). They are just trying to make their car more "fuel efficiency", at least on par with others in the market.

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