As CEO pay grows even bigger, so does its complexity


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CEO pay is a tricky thing to explain.

Warren Buffet did a pretty good job of it.

Our tax system is regressive now because rentier income is taxed at a much lower rate than wages from labor.

This is neo-liberal contribution s a big reason for ballooning billionaire income and labor's race to the bottom.

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Good find Dagon.

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I couldn't find a specific case again, but I recall a joke (or quote) from (I think) the 90s when it was joked around that CEOs were failing (on purpose) to obtain golden parachutes and move to a much better paid job afterwards. This was following a string of corporate strategy failures leading to the CEOs (who effed up) to be kicked out with a ridiculously high pay-out. It's fuzzy, it may just have been a general view from the public...

But frankly, at one point do the amounts involved get simply too ridiculous for words. Such a CEO would end up needing to think 24/7 about ways to use his fortune to actually only dent it...

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How can any CEO possibly be worth $98 per annum?

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