As recession looms, Airbnb CEO wants your home to make money

By Thomas URBAIN

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I realized air BnB are just a headline grabbing company after offering to open up our home to refugees. But when they said Air BnB are going to give refugees safe places to stay what they really meant was the “people on the platform” will offer the refugees free places to stay, and air BnB will just…… do and pay nothing except get the free media attention at absolutely no cost, because they weren’t offering small landlords anything. So although we wanted to help, we couldn’t afford to give our home away for free, and I realized it was just great free publicity.

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No thanks!

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Airbnb are such a great company, we have stayed in many in Japan and other countries. Getting a Minpaku licence and becoming a host, not so easy, Japanese beaurocracy is second to none in the world.

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Depends on your view, if you have a dedicated facility that suitable for letting out to visitors - then AirBnB gives you greater market access. If you are a resident in an apartment block within a residential area and strangers keep coming and going from a certain apartment, then that becomes a bit disconcerting. Likewise, renting out a room in your house, does present some challenges... can you handle a stranger roaming around your house - even whilst you may potentially not be at home ?

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