As U.S. supply chains unclog, consumers enjoy (tentative) relief


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The best way to avoid the clog altogether is to reshore everything.

You can't deglobalise (ie withdraw forces that protects trade routes, regions, resources etc.) without also having your own domestic supplies.

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Too bad, Amercians dont have any money. They are living on their credit cards.

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Too bad, Amercians dont have any money. They are living on their credit cards.

People here are no better off.

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Autarky doesn't work. India and Brazil tried it in the 1960s and 1970s. Their economists called it "import sutstitution". The problem was a lack of competion among protected domestic industries led to a lack of innovation and their technology falling behind while prices rose and quality fell. By the 1990s both nations had abandon import substitution. Australia and New Zealand tried it too and their economies and standard of living both suffered. The DPRKs policy of "Juche" is another example of what autarky brings. No country has everything needed to produce everything made. Very few nations have a big enough internal market to support the number of competitors in each market necessary to achieve a competitive market. Protection only rewards sloth and inefficiency.

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