As U.S. hearings loom, Takata faces long slog in air bag crisis

By Karey Van Hall and Chang-Ran Kim

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The Arizona death, and the first official confirmation that a Takata-made air bag killed a Florida woman in October, are likely to be raised at a U.S. Senate Commerce Committee hearing later on Thursday where officials from Takata, two automakers, the U.S. auto safety regulator and a crash victim will testify.

The hearing was covered on the network news here tonight, and it did not go well for Takata. Unfotunately, the Takata representative spoke very much broken English, and dug in his heels about expanding the recall. Prompting one senator to warn him "about going down that road". Also, they showed a young woman who's face was scarred by one of the exploding air bags giving her testimony. For those Americans, and let's be honest, there ar many, who want to play the "race card" and portray Japanese companies in a negative light -- just looking to make a lot of money off of U.S. consumers, and really not becoming part of the "fabric" of the country -- this gave them a lot of ammunition. I wish more Japanese companies would stop being so isolated and learn to hire U.S.-based crisis experts to help them navigate these kinds of issues. Because this is not starting out well for Takata.

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jerseyboyNov. 21, 2014 - 11:02AM JST

Spot on. The testimony by Japanese executives basically admitted liability today. He bankrupts and tanked Takata.

Hearing does not bring these victims back to life. They are dead.

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