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Asahi Group to buy New Zealand's Independent Liquor


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What is the significance of the Sapporo can in the picture? Asahi and Sapporo are two entirely different companies and Sapporo is not mentioned in this article at all. Am I missing something?

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Good pont Bogi. They used to be the same company, though. And their beer costs more or less exactly the same....

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I prefer Kirin personally

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Amazing how Japanese companies are out buying up all these foreign firms, but Steele Holding couldn't do the same in Japan, because of the Japanese protectionist laws. Once again proof that Japan is all for a free-market economy when it benefits Japan Inc. but hates it when foreign companies try to acquire firms here. Hypocracy is an art-form here.

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Probably thinking of future ways to dispose of contaminated beer. I think most smart Japanese would be worried about beer and sake, as a lot of raw materials are grown in an area close to the Fukushima plant that is still leaking radiation.

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herefornow, how do you explain Walmart's take over of Seiyu? How did they do what Steele couldn't? Maybe Steele just failed? Remember, Steele doesn't make anything, They are just a takeover fund. Different ball game entirely.

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